Misinformation about Manik Sarkar

Biggest lie : “Manik Sarkar lives in tin-shed room of 432 sq ft. which costs only Rupees 2,20,000. He goes to secretariat every morning by walking. No red light on his govt car.” – Translated from Aaj Tak report last year. The fact is that Mr Sarkar has been residing in his palace-like official Bunglow at the heart of the city since 1998. He uses official luxury car for his movements. Even it makes a very cheap publicity when the bandwagon shouts saying that Manik Sarkar lives on only 5000 rupees. Mr Sarkar does not donate his salary and allowances to ailing or hunger-driven people, rather, gives to the party-fund that in return gives him political mileage.

Condition of Tripura

25 lakh of 37 lakh people need food security ! The quoted information given in the next paragraph proves that in this long regime of the communists more than two third of the total population depend upon food security from the government. That means, the state government could not or did not uplift this huge number of the people from their poor economic condition even though millions and billions of rupees poured in from the Centre and spent by the local administration. Naturally the question comes that where does this huge money go and who get the benefits of so called massive development. Therefore, the information of the finance minister given through his budget speech itself indicates the biggest economic scam and the whole govt. involved in it. “Tripura is the first state in the North East Region, to have successfully implemented the National Food Security Act w.e.f. 1st September 2015 covering around 25 lakh beneficiary population which is continuing by providing rice at the rate of Rs.2/kg instead of Rs.3/kg as fixed by the Govt. of India for which an annual subsidy of Rs.17 crore is borne from the state exchequer.” – Bhanulal Saha, Finance Minister, Tripura